About Us

Welcome to Venuslike.com. 

Who We Are

Venuslike.com is aim to spreading the correct Dress Style that to helps women to build a beautiful appearance, and helps women not have to take too many detours in the process of pursuing a beautiful self.

Beauty is not just about a certain aspect, but it is about achieving harmony in all aspects and creating a natural and harmonious beauty.

With us, You will find your true beauty——The beauty of self-confidence.

The History Of  Venuslike

Venuslike was established by December 2017.The name of   Venuslike is inspired by a well-konwn story-----The Ugly Duckling.The little duck became a white swan after untold hardships. It was because it had a dream in its heart and it supported it.Beauty is the same. The road to beauty is not always smooth,We can only find our true beauty by constantly enriching our knowledge, enhancing our exercise, and matching suitable clothing.